Home Business Inside Ghana’s Leading Social Enterprise Coffee Company: The Story of Kawa Moka 

Inside Ghana’s Leading Social Enterprise Coffee Company: The Story of Kawa Moka 


Ghana is a small producer of Robusta coffee, producing around 50,000 bags per year, according to the International Coffee Organization.

While there is a scare of coffee production significantly dipping in Ghana by 2026, due to various factors including the lack of interest and investment in the sector, some young Ghanaians have been contributing their bid to ensure the sustenance of not just their coffee companies but the entire coffee value chain in the country.

Meet Emi-Beth Aku Quantson, the 36-year-old Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kawa Moka Coffee Company, a leading social enterprise company in Ghana. Emi-Beth sources her coffee from Leklebi, a town in the Volta Region, transports the harvested beans to Accra to her roastery and begins the production of her Kawa Moka Coffee.

She operates a social enterprise because as a business, she largely puts the interest of people ahead of gains. This is seen in her employment history and her business decision to employ more women and girls.

Speaking on why she made this business decision, she tells Adwoa Tenkoramaa on MX24 Television’s Spotlight show that, “the men have had an advantage for a while. For many women, this is maybe the first time they’ve been to the University, they are living in the rural communities. In many rural communities, the young girls go to school, senior high school if you’re lucky, a lot of them get pregnant and that becomes their reality.”

She wants to give women more options in order for them to have more income and contribute a bit more to their homes.

Beyong her initiative to empower women and girls, Emi-Beth’s company, through innovation is inculcating Ghanaian healthy plants including Tetrapleura Tetraptera, know in Ghana as prekese, Parkia Biglobosa, also known as dawadawa, Moringa and Ginger into her coffee products to help boost the health of her customers.

You can watch the full Spotlight interview below:


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