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VRA spills Akosombo, Kpong dams following high inflows

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The Volta River Authority has started a controlled spillage at the Akosombo and Kpong dams in the Eastern Region as the water levels continue to rise.

According to the Deputy Chief Executive, Edward Obeng-Kenzo, “The decision to spill follows the observed consistent rise in the lake level due to high inflows.”

In a statement, Mr Obeng-Kenzo added that, the VRA was fully aware of the heavy rains being experienced across the country leading to some levels of flooding and high-water levels in some communities.
“SONABEL, the power utili¬ty company of Burkina Faso, has advised the VRA that due to high in¬flows into the Bagre Dam, high res¬ervoir elevations have been recorded which has necessitated spillage of water from the Bagre Dam.

“Consequently, the water levels of the White Volta River and its tributaries are expected to rise with the spill discharge from the Bagre Dam coupled with high rainfall in the northern parts of the country. This means that areas along the White Volta River, especially, are at a high risk of flooding,” the statement said.

It is for this reason, he said, the Authority was undertaking the controlled spillage to mitigate any adverse impacts on the dams.

He stated that VRA would con¬tinue to monitor the situation and update the public accordingly and has duly notified its key stakeholders of this development in line with our Emergency Preparedness Plan and Standard Operating Procedures.

“VRA, therefore, wishes to caution all residents along the Volta River and downstream of our Akosombo and Kpong dams to be on alert and take the necessary precautionary measures”.

“VRA will continue to monitor the situation, work with our key stake¬holders, and provide regular updates to ensure prompt response to any emergency that may arise.”



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