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The Brother’s Foundation makes strides in supporting children in deprived communitie


The Brother’s Foundation, a non-governmental organization in Ghana, has been making a significant impact on the lives of school children in deprived communities over the past three years.

As part of their ongoing efforts, the organization is gearing up for another donation event this coming Easter, scheduled for March 29, 2024, in the Amansie South District.
The organization is dedicated to providing basic amenities that make education accessible to students in these areas.

During the period, the foundation has provided support to children in communities such as Berekum (Near Abofour) in the Offinso South Municipal, Obbo, Nkowe, and Pipie in the Bosomtwe District of the Ashanti Region.

They have distributed educational supplies, food, sanitary pads for girls, laptops, and football accessories to various schools within these communities.
Additionally, the foundation has provided chairs for schools and supported borehole water projects, benefiting thousands of people by ensuring access to clean water.

In an interview with Fatawu Bayaga, the Chairman of the organization, Mr. AGYEMANG Gideon emphasized their primary focus this year is to raise funds for the acquisition of 40 to 50 student chairs, estimated to cost about 50,000 cedis.

He stated “we are also advocating for scholarships to be awarded to the best male and female students as they transition from their final year of basic education to the senior level. These scholarships will serve as a token of recognition for their hard work and academic excellence.”

He also noted “We’ve been doing this for nearly three years now, starting in 2021. Through our organization, each school we visit, which typically has around 350 to 400 students, benefits greatly by receiving pens, pencils, food and drinks among others.”

He also expressed the organization’s commitment to expanding its impact to other parts of the country.
However, Mr. Agyemang identified inadequate logistics and financial constraints as major challenges hampering their activities.

He appealed to both local and international institutions to support their cause in order to widen their scope of support across Ghana.
“Some of the main challenges we’ve encountered include logistical issues in reaching remote areas. Additionally, fundraising is a constant struggle to ensure we have the necessary funds to support our projects effectively,” he indicated.

To support our campaign visit our website www.thebrothersfoundation.org for more information on how you can get involved. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via text or call at 0244188541.
By: Fatawu Bayaga, Ashanti Regional Content Manager


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