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Ryan Garcia’s Left Hook Dominates Brooklyn Showdown, Despite Missing Weight

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American boxer Ryan Garcia showcased his devastating left hook to secure a dramatic victory over compatriot Devin Haney in Brooklyn, New York.

The fight marred by Garcia’s weight issue unfolded into a gripping spectacle that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Garcia’s left hook proved to be his greatest weapon as he sent Haney crashing to the canvas three times during the intense battle.

Garcia left no doubt about his power and precision.

Despite Haney’s resilience, Garcia’s dominance was evident, reflected in the majority points decision that awarded him the victory with scorecards of 112-112, 114-110, and 115-109.

However, Garcia’s triumph came with a bitter twist as he was deemed ineligible to claim Haney’s world title due to weighing 3.2lb over the light-welterweight limit.

The 25-year-old’s journey to victory wasn’t without personal struggles, as he revealed grappling with personal challenges.

He has suffered a recent divorce and coping by “drinking every night” leading up to the fight.

Despite these hurdles, Garcia’s confidence remained unshaken.

Haney, marking his first professional defeat in 32 bouts, expressed disappointment in his performance but showcased resilience, emphasizing that he fought like a true champion despite being knocked down.


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