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Mr. Ibu begs for public support as health deteriorate


Renowned Nollywood actor John Okafor, affectionately known as Mr Ibu, has recently made a heartbreaking plea to the public for support as he faces a severe health crisis that could lead to the loss of his leg.


In a distressing video shared on his Instagram page, the veteran actor opened up about his weeks-long battle with an undisclosed ailment that has left him hospitalized. The dire situation has led doctors to contemplate the possibility of amputating his leg should other treatment options fail.


In this challenging time, Mr Ibu has reached out for prayers, well-wishes, and financial assistance from his fans and well-wishers. He took the extraordinary step of sharing his bank account information with the public, highlighting the urgency of his situation. The actor’s daughter, Jasmine Okafor, has also joined the appeal, shedding light on her father’s deteriorating condition and their exhausted financial resources.


One of the most heart-wrenching aspects of this crisis is that Mr Ibu celebrated his birthday while confined to a hospital bed, far from the joyous gatherings and celebrations that have marked his previous birthdays. The once vibrant and beloved actor, known for his comedic talent and memorable performances in Nollywood, now faces an uncertain future as he battles this debilitating ailment.


The public appeal is not limited to financial support alone; Jasmine Okafor has called on those who can assist in facilitating Mr Ibu’s treatment abroad, where he may receive the specialized care required to address his condition. The plea is a testament to the deep love and admiration Nigerians and the international community hold for the iconic actor.


As fans and supporters rally around Mr Ibu during this challenging period, his health and well-being have become a matter of concern and compassion for many.


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