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Ghana unable to meet SDGs timeline due to Covid-19, Russia-Ukraine war – Dr. Eugene Owusu


Ghana’s inability to meet the timelines for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been blamed on the Covid-19 pandemic as well as on Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Special Advisor to the President on Sustainable Development Goals, Dr. Eugene Owusu says Ghana, like many other countries across the world has struggled to meet the timeframe due to the recent global developments.

“We have just gone past the mid-point of the SDG timeframe but the story unfortunately is not a very sweet one. Recent global developments, notably Covid and indeed the contemporary issues we have with the Russian-Ukraine conflict have posed significant challenges for the achievement of the SDGs all around the world,” Dr. Eugene Owusu, who spoke at the launch of the CSR/ESG Institute earlier today, stated.

United Nations (UN) member states have up to 2030, 7 years from now, to fulfil some 17 goals set in 2015 which include poverty eradication, ensuring quality education, reducing inequalities among others.

Even though considerable progress has been made in key indicators on the goals, many experts fear the achievement of the goals by 2030 might be impossible.

While stating the challenges that exist in implementing these goals, Dr. Owusu however highlighted the crucial role SDGs play in tackling current and future global challenges.

“My strong view and the reality is that the SDGs are more relevant today than ever before. I do say this before the SDGs provide a blueprint to tackle the current challenges,” he added.


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