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Executive chef Faila inspires youth of Tamale with Guinness World Record feat


In a culinary triumph that has resonated throughout Tamale, Abdul Razak, now known as Executive Chef Faila, has etched her name in history by completing a Guinness World Record (GWR) cooking attempt.

This extraordinary achievement has left an indelible mark on the youth of Tamale, inspiring them to shatter barriers in the cooking, tourism, and hospitality industry.

Chef Faila commenced her ambitious GWR attempt on January 1, 2024, and concluded the culinary marathon on January 10, 2024, after an impressive 227 hours and 2 seconds.

Over the ten-day event, Chef Faila showcased her culinary prowess by preparing a staggering 156 different meals, with a total of 2,864 plates served.

Furthermore, she demonstrated her commitment to social responsibility by distributing 450 plates to the orphanage, homeless, and privileged individuals within the Tamale metropolis.

The impact of Chef Faila’s accomplishment is palpable among the youth, particularly inspiring young females who see her as a beacon of confidence and success. Several aspiring chefs expressed their admiration and determination to follow in Chef Faila’s footsteps.

Ibrahim Zaidatu, an aspiring chef, shared, “Chef Faila motivated me to do more and set my record in two weeks. Cooking is not just a skill; it’s a source of employment and income.”

Ms. Zaida emphasized that Chef Faila’s tenacity showcased that Northern girls, and women in Ghana, can excel when given the opportunity.

Another young enthusiast, Abdul Ibrahim Walima, emphasized that cooking is not limited to females and encouraged male counterparts to learn from Chef Faila’s work. She also acknowledged Chef Eric Malik for his invaluable assistance during the ten-day cooking marathon.

“I advise every young person to learn how to work so that when they get married, they won’t have problems in their homes. Additionally, cooking is a valuable source of employment and income,” Ms. Walima stated.

Addressing the media in Tamale, Executive Chef Faila shared her motivation behind the GWR attempt, expressing her desire to instill confidence in Ghanaian women. She emphasized that when women are allowed to serve, they can deliver outstanding results.

Chef Faila’s achievement stands as a testament to the transformative power of determination and skill in breaking gender stereotypes in the culinary world.

Source: Simon Unyan, Northern Regional Content Manager


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