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Beijing’s Half Marathon Organisers investigating Controversial finish incident


The organizers of the Beijing half marathon are currently delving into allegations surrounding three African athletes, Robert Keter, Willy Mnangat, and Dejene Hailu, regarding their alleged involvement in intentionally allowing China’s prominent runner, He Jie, to clinch victory in Sunday’s race.

In a related development, Kenyan athlete Willy Mnangat disclosed to the SCMP that he consciously allowed China’s He Jie to emerge victorious in the Beijing Half Marathon, citing friendship as the motivating factor behind his decision.

The end of Sunday’s race brought about widespread public outrage online.

He Jie, the gold medallist in the 2023 Asian Games marathon, secured victory by a mere one-second margin.

Online videos capturing the race showcased the four runners maintaining proximity throughout the 21-kilometer course, prompting speculation and scrutiny.

This incident isn’t the first time allegations of cheating has surfaced within China’s long-distance running scene, particularly among the country’s middle class.

In 2018, a half-marathon in Shenzhen, China, revealed 258 participants engaging in fraudulent practices, including taking shortcuts to gain an unfair advantage.


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