Home Entertainment Trolling us for taking too many pictures is ignorance– Keche

Trolling us for taking too many pictures is ignorance– Keche


Keche Andrew has responded to trolls on social media that the music-duo takes too many pictures. He said such statements indicates clear ignorance of the showbiz space by these persons.

“I’ve come across trolls not one, not two, not three but listen it’s not limited to Ghana everywhere in the world whatever you do people will talk about you,” he remarked on Property FM in Cape Coast.

Andrew Cudjoe responding in an interview, monitored by this portal, said Keche are not the only people who take pictures because it’s part of the work of an artiste in the scene.

“Look around is it only Keche that has been taking pictures, this is our work and you need to update your fans because they want to see what’s happening with you.

“We drop pictures basically for the media because they would want to have you for interviews and use your pictures to do stories so you always have to update for them to choose from.

“Those people who troll us don’t understand the work because I’ve never seen anyone in the showbiz space complaining that an artiste takes too many pictures,” he told Amansan Krakye



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