Home Entertainment The choreography helped make “Terminator” a success- King Promise

The choreography helped make “Terminator” a success- King Promise


Award-winning Ghanaian musician, King Promise has stated that the choreography to his hit single, “Terminator” has contributed immensely to the success of the song.

According to King Promise, music and dance go together, and it’s no secret that the blend of the two has pushed his song to a larger audience.

Speaking in an interview at Mr. Eazi’s ‘Evil Genius’ Album Listening Party on Thursday, September 14, 2023, he said;

“Ten thousand percent, it has. Like even when I hear the song, I want to dance. So it’s like it goes hand-in-hand.

“Music, arts, and dance, the funny thing is they are intertwined. When these forces come together it’s powerful, so I respect all the dancers it was only right and perfect that we had a dance for this because I don’t really do that a lot.”

The dance for King Promise’s “Terminator” was choreographed by popular dancer, Dancegod Lloyd.

Since its release, “Terminator” has broken major records including staying at the number one spot on Boomplay for over 10 weeks.


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