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Nollywood’s Ruth Kadiri issues warning to Ghanaian TV stations

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Popular Nollywood actress and filmmaker Ruth Kadiri is taking a strong stance against Ghanaian TV stations that have been broadcasting her content without proper authorization.


In a recent video shared on her social media platforms, Kadiri expressed her disappointment with the situation and issued a stern warning to those involved.

“I love the country as a whole, but I am very disappointed that a major TV station in Ghana would go on my platform, rip my contents apart, show it on TV like they have the license to do that,” Kadiri stated firmly.

She emphasized the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and highlighted the negative impact of unauthorized broadcasting on both her and the people involved in the production process.

“It is not even just one, not two, not three. I don’t want to put a watermark on my contents because I feel like it’s going to make it look taggy. This is the first warning and it is going to be the last one because the next time, you’re going to hear from my lawyers,” Kadiri warned.

She urged TV stations to purchase content rather than resorting to unauthorized use, emphasizing the financial and creative investment that goes into creating such content.

“I beg you, let’s not start dragging ourselves through the mud. I expect so much from you because you know how expensive it is to create contents, and instead of you to buy this content, you would rather rip it and show it on national TV,” Kadiri firmly stated.


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