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I’m ready to go to court if – Wendy Shay denies copying Barima Sidney’s song


Ghanaian songstress, Wendy Shay has categorically denied allegations of copyright infringement in a recent controversy involving her song ‘Africa Money’ and Barima Sidney’s track.

Wendy Shay in an interview on Okay FM asserted her innocence and expressed her readiness to go to court to defend her position.

The controversy arose when fans noted similarities in the titles and lyrics of both songs, sparking online discussions and accusations of song theft.

Wendy Shay, however, maintained that, she did not copy Barima Sidney’s music without permission.

To debunk the claims, Wendy Shay said she sampled both songs on the same beat to prove that the progressions in the two tracks were indeed different.

Wendy Shay said the allegation of song theft being levelled against her is because of her dominance in the Ghana music industry.

“People want to accuse me of song theft when they are aware I know exactly what I am doing in the music industry” she added.

If called to appear in court over copyright issues,Wendy Shay declared her willingness to represent herself to prove her innocence.



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