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I’m hurt – Sista Afia rants over Ghana Music Awards snub


Ghanaian musician, Sista Afia has taken to social media to express her disappointment and frustration for not getting nominations at the Ghana Music Awards.

In a heartfelt rant, Sista Afia questioned whether she had offended someone on the high table of the Ghana Music Awards, particularly given the success of her song “Asuoden” in 2021.

Despite its popularity, she received zero nominations, leaving her disheartened and questioning the award board.

Sista Afia lamented the perceived injustice in the nomination process, suggesting that some artists receive nominations without even filing for them.

This discrepancy, she argued, undermines her efforts and diminishes the recognition she rightfully deserves for her hard work in the music industry.

Despite the back-to-back hit songs she has recorded since she joined the music industry almost a decade ago, Sista Afia has just a few awards to her credit.

In as much as she wants to tread carefully to avoid stepping on toes, she explained she can no longer hold her peace as the situation is beginning to weigh her down.

She wrote, “Have I offended someone at the high table Ghana Music Awards ?? The fact that Asuoden was a big song in 2021 Zero nominations which I still don’t get. I learnt people don’t even file for nominations but get nominations, the downplay on my efforts ever since i started doing music in Ghana hasn’t been fair to my craft And Yes it hurts because I work soo hard. I’ve been quiet for soo long because i have respect for the scheme and I don’t want to step on no one’s toes!”.

Meanwhile, her fans have taken over her comment section to send her reassuring messages of her value and unbeatable contribution to the industry.


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