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I’m better than Drake, Kendrick Lamar – Kanye West


Rapper Kanye West has added to the beef between his colleagues Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

The debate on who is the current best rapper took on another dimension after Kendrick Lamar dissed his hip-hop rivals, Drake and J.Cole, on Future and Metro Boomin’s new song, ‘Like That,’ claiming he is a bigger rapper than them.

Some rappers, including Rick Ross and Nav, have already endorsed Kendrick Lamar’s claims by publicly vibing to the song.

Reacting, Kanye West said he is a better rapper than both Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

On his Instagram page, he wrote: “Everyone knows I washed Kendrick [Lamar] on No More Parties in LA. Everyone knows I washed Drake at the Free Hoover Concert.

“I am the only person to come back to number one after cancellation. There is only one goat, I stand by me. My friends call me Ye.”


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