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I’ll decline an invitation to perform at Afronation – Fameye


Ghanaian music sensation, Fameye, recently revealed that he would decline an invitation to perform at Afronation Portugal, because he is not prepared and does not have the audience to perform at such a big platform.

He highlighted the challenges faced by Ghanaian musicians when trying to gather support from the Ghanaian diaspora during their international performances, particularly in comparison to the overwhelming turnout for Nigerian artists.

Fameye recounted his own experience of hosting a show in the UK where the attendance fell short of his expectations.

He noted that there seemed to have been a shift in the dynamics, as Ghanaians were previously leading the charge in terms of international performances, even catching the attention of Nigerian artists for collaborations.

However, this trend has reversed, and Ghanaians now find themselves in the position of seeking opportunities to collaborate with their Nigerian counterparts.

“I will love to hear my song outside, recently I was in Germany buying something when they started playing Burna Boy’s song, which shocked me,

When asked what he did about it he said “he started dancing”.

Because where I am they don’t know me, It’s not every time you have to move to people, sometimes you have to go and come back again,

Right now if you call me to come perform at Afronation Portugal I won’t go, I don’t have the people there. I want to work well so when I go, I can match up to the audience. I have to be prepared and I feel like I am not prepared because some so-called international artists are unable to make the numbers when they travel out to perform.

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Since I blew up in 2019, I played shows in UK and America, I have gone with other people I have gone with and it didn’t pick for us. Even it would work for us , the Ghanaians have to be the majority there and even that they are shy to shy along,

Why do you think Ghanaians keep cancelling their shows, they don’t come. When Wizkid has a show, people seeks permission from work four months prior to the show , they won’t do that for any Ghanaian artist,

Because our people, all of a sudden , it looks like it’s an intentional thing cos it was not lie that before, that was why the Nigerians used to feature us again but right now it is us chasing them to feature them because they don’t feel like they will get the mileage they want.

King Promise has been performing internationally for a long time now but Ghanaians have a problem”.

The conversation about how Ghanaian artists are not able to pull the numbers Nigerians pull has generated a debate among industry players.

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