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Creative industry needs policy direction to thrive —Okyeame Kwame

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Award-winning Ghanaian rapper/songwriter Okyeame Kwame is calling for a well-defined roadmap for the creative industry to secure a progressive future.

He mentioned that the industry is facing numerous challenges such as piracy, lack of infrastructure and inadequate support systems due to the lack of a strategic plan which would offer a structured approach to industry growth.

In his contribution as a speaker on the Graphic Showbiz Twitter(X) Dialogue series on the topic “Era of Entertainment Punditry” on Friday, September 15, Okyeame Kwame observed that a strategic game plan would serve as a guiding framework, aligning stakeholders and resources towards common objectives and ensuring that the creative industry’s continued vibrancy and longevity.

“Our creative industry lacks direction. Without a well-defined roadmap, it will not make any progress. We need to chart a course that takes into account the unique challenges and opportunities in our sector,” he stated.

He further stressed that such a roadmap should involve collaboration among industry stakeholders, including artistes, producers, policymakers and investors, adding that by working together, these parties can identify and prioritise key areas for development, such as copyright protection, talent development programmes and infrastructure investment, among others.

“Many countries have developed comprehensive strategies to support their creative sectors, fostering innovation, job creation and international recognition that a clear direction and unified effort are essential to ensure the enduring vibrancy of Ghana’s creative sector.

Okyeame Kwame also brought to attention the absence of researchers and pop culture experts in the sector, indicating that their absence had left a significant void, one that threatened the industry’s growth and sustainability.

He pointed out that it was very critical on the part of industry stakeholders and policymakers to recognise the importance of these experts and take steps to incorporate their expertise into the creative ecosystem.

“Our music industry for instance lacks balance. We have artistes who create captivating music, producers who craft amazing beats and talent managers who nurture emerging talents. But what we are lacking now are researchers, pop culture experts and academia to bring in a flair of balance. And so, at a point, we would need these researchers to fill in the knowledge gap in the industry,” Okyeame Kwame stated.


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