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Artistes are sleeping while dancers are making their songs trend – Incredible Zigi


Popular dancer, Incredible Zigi, has made a case for why dancers deserve more recognition, especially at award schemes like the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, he highlighted the importance of dancers in the promotion of music worldwide.

According to him, dancers are always posting dance videos on their social media which tend to reach a wide range of followers worldwide.

Zigi stressed that a platform like the VGMA organised by Charterhouse should consider including dancers in their subsequent editions.

“That is what we all have been looking forward to. Most of these songs that are getting recognition in Ghana are tailored by dancers. We spent much time on social media posting the songs.

“It’s like the artists are sleeping and we are the ones blowing the song. Dancers need to be awarded on a big platform like the VGMA.”

Even though Zigi admits that there are already existing award schemes to recognize dancers, he is of the view that dancers have over the years earned the right to be up there with the musicians on the VGMA stage.

Incredible Zigi’s comments came on the heels of dance legend Adjetey Sowah’s suggestion who called for the inclusion of dancers in award schemes.

Speaking as a panellist on Showbiz A-Z, Adjetey Sowah indicated that it is high time various award schemes in Ghana include a category for dancers to motivate individuals who are involved.

So many artists have benefited from dance challenges created by the likes of Incredible Zigi, Dancegod Loyd, DWP, and many others.



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