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Trashy Beauties Opens New Showroom at Amasaman

Trashy Beauties, a social enterprise company creating beautiful collectibles from discarded plastic and other waste has opened an ultra-modern showroom at Amasaman- a suburb of Accra.
The showroom is to offer fashionable and durable artifacts and training to the general public.

The solely Ghanaian owned company, uses waste products or trash like used plastic bottles, cotton bud, cardboards, old car tyres, and old newspapers to create useable products.

Speaking at the Launch of the new showroom, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Trashy, Mrs Rebecca Otuo Serebour stated that government must consider inculcating the study of recycling into the Ghanaian curriculum to help young Ghanaian kids develop requisite skills of making beautiful artifacts from waste materials thereby keeping their communities clean.

Mrs. Otuo Serebour noted that the impact of converting waste into collectibles is an environmentally friendly business and can help the youth of the country to become self-sufficient.

“I believe that for the youth to learn how to transform used materials into useful items, it can help the unemployed to get jobs of their own. And that will help the country to deal with the issues of poverty in the country.” She added.

She also spoke about the opportunity to train the youth especially women and girls to acquire the skills needed to transform waste into very beautiful collectibles that can be sold at a good amount to sustain their families.

Mrs. Rebecca Otuo Serebour therefore, encouraged players in the arts space to come on board and lend their support, insisting that environmental sanitation is the business of every Ghanaian and that all hands are needed on deck.

The Showroom located at Amasaman -3JunctionAchiaman Road -opposite Benab Fuel Station, has various collectibles ranging from wall clocks, furniture, Centre tables and many other beautiful artifacts. Trashy Beauties opens Monday to Friday -Contact the Showroom on 0208707863.





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