Home Business Govt exceeds T-bill target by GH₵466m

Govt exceeds T-bill target by GH₵466m

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The Government in the issuance of its 91, 182 and 364 days treasury bills exceeded its target of raising GH₵2.10bn.

The Treasury in the auction of the short-term securities exceeded its target by some GHS 466m as it managed to raise GH₵2.57bn from the debt market.

Bids for the 91, 182 and 364 days T-Bills amounted to GH₵2,170 million, GH₵375 million and GH₵80 million respectively with the Government accepting bids amounting to GH₵2,155m, GH₵353m and GH₵67m made for the 91,182 and 364-day T-Bill.

The 91,182 and 364 days T-Bills were auctioned at interest rates of 29.1 per cent, 31.2 per cent and 33.0 per cent respectively.


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