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Access Bank invests in creative arts industry


Access Bank Ghana has premiered its award-win­ning online TV series, ‘All Walks of Life’, a captivating film at the Silverbird cinema in Accra.

This is in line with the bank’s strategic intent of changing the narrative about Africa through the promotion of Ghanaian creative talents across Africa and beyond.

The premiere brought together distinguished personalities, includ­ing Nana Osafo Adjei, the Special Adviser and Project Coordinator at the Ghana Tourism Develop­ment Project, who represented the Minister of Tourism Dr Ibrahim Muhammed Awal, Chief Exec­utive Officer of the Ghana Film Industry, Juliet Asante, Adjetey­Anang, cherished customers, man­agement, and staff of the Bank.

Speaking on the bank’s com­mitment to nurturing local talents to compete on the international market, Managing Director of Access Bank Ghana, Olumide Olatunji, said the nation’s tourism industry would flourish when the creative arts industry in Ghana is financially supported to project the remarkable talents of Ghana­ians and Africa as a whole.

“‘All Walks of Life’ vividly por­trayed how Access Bank’s financial inclusion strategy embraces indi­viduals from all backgrounds, and urged everyone to join the Access Bank family,” he said.

Nana Osafo Adjei and Juliet Asante commended Access Bank for taking a pioneering role in sup­porting the creative arts industry from the corporate perspective.

They called on other corporates to follow in Access Bank’s footsteps, highlighting that such initiatives provide an invaluable platform to showcase their products and achieve the coveted top-of-mind awareness in the corporate world.

Also, commenting on the premiere, Executive Director for Retail and Digital Banking, Pearl Nkrumah, said, ‘All Walks of Life’ reflects Access Bank Ghana’s unwavering commitment to promoting creativity and Africa’s rich cultural heritage, while driving financial inclusion.

The premiere received accla­mation from Access Bank Ghana’s cherished customers as they expressed their excitement about the innovative endeavour and anticipated future episodes.


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