HomeNews“…We Had To Pay GhC750,000” – Marwako

“…We Had To Pay GhC750,000” – Marwako

“…We Had To Pay GhC750,000” – Marwako

Marwako Fast Food apparently was not left unpunished after the incident of mass food poisoning caused by their food.

The Public Relations Officer of Marwako Fast Food, Mr. Mohammed Amin Lamptey, has disclosed that the food operating company was fined an amount of GhC750,000 by the Food and Drugs Authority, which has been paid.

Mr Amin Lamptey in and interview with TV3 said “In as much we agree with what the FDA with regards to what they have done so far, we have suffered some fines, very huge amount of money. 

Marwako Fast Food Limited, we had to pay   GhC750,000. With this release, we will see what we can do with this and see how best we will follow what the FDA has asked us to do so that we will been the same page with the FDA.”

“In everything that you do, you must have checks and balances and then we hope that what the FDA has done with Marwako, it should go across all restaurants so that all of us will be on the same page.” He continued to say.

Management pf the food operating company also disclosed their intentions to request for an independent investigation into the caseof suspected food poisoning leveled against its East Legon Branch.



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