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Upper West Region receiving fair share of the national cake under NPP gov’t – Regional Minister touts

Upper West Region receiving fair share of the national cake under NPP gov’t – Regional Minister touts

Upper West Regional Minister, Honorable Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih has disclosed that the region has received its fair share of the national development under the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration.

Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih made these remarks on Sunday, November 6, 2022 when he took his turn to deliver the State of the Upper West Regional report at the Ministry of Information.

Addressing the media on Sunday, the Minister stressed that significant progress has been made in the region as far as areas such as of Roads & Transport, Health, Water & Sanitation, Education and other major infrastructure are concerned.

Touting the progress made in the roads and transport sector, Dr. Bin Hafiz mentioned that since the inception of President Akufo Addo and the NPP government in 2017, over 220km of roads has seen bitumen surfacing in the region.

Breaking down this achievement in the road sector, he noted that the constructed road comprises of 127.6km of highways, 63.70km of feeder roads and 28.99km of Urbans. 30km Wa-Han Road, Nadowli-Lawra-Hamile Road, Fian-Issa Road are some of the roads the minister mentioned have been constructed in the region.

In addition, two major bridges, the Minister disclosed have been constructed over the Kulun & Ambalara Rivers at a cost of about £17,428,571.42.

He said, “the bridges have been opened to traffic. These bridges are critical in the region & will give relief to commuters especially in the south eastern corridor of the region. Carting of farm produce & animals to marketing centres will also be enhanced as the Wa East corridor constitutes a major food basket.”

On Health, Water & Sanitation, Dr. Bin Hafiz reiterated that the government has adequately staffed and equipped the Wa Regional Hospital which was commissioned by President Akufo-Addo in August 18th, 2019.

He added that works are steadily progressing on the 5 hospitals under government’s flagship Agenda 111 projects. According to the Minister, all contractors are onsite indicating that these hospitals when completed will significantly improve healthcare delivery in the Upper West Region.

Apart from the Agenda 111 hospital projects, Dr. Hafiz further noted that since 2017 the MMDAs with funding from DACF, DDF & Northern Development Authority (NDA) have completed the construction of 87 other health infrastructures. Among these projects include the Neonatal & Intensive Care Unit, Kangaro Mother Care at Nadowli Hospital, Nurses Quarters, CHPS Compound at Vinving among others.

“These facilities have contributed significantly to health care service delivery especially in the rural parts of the region. Access to health care services has also improved significantly in the region,” the Regional Minister remarked.

The region, according to the minister has witnessed considerable expansion in urban water supply since 2017.

“Fifty-Six (56) Kilometers length of pipeline have since been laid. This has increased urban water coverage to communities in & around Wa (Bamahu, Mangu, Sombo, Kumbiehi, Danku, Napogbakole, Kponpaala, Fongo/Wapaani, Kpaguri, Tendamba, Chorkor, Loho, Degu/Tampaalipaani, Dobile, Dokpong, Airport Residencial, Zindelle, Bilibou/Regional Hospital area and Kparisaga),” he noted.

On education, the Minister disclosed that about 36 GETFund projects which were inherited from the previous regime were repackaged & have been completed. In addition, from 2017 to date, the GETFund has completed 33 new infrastructural facilities, and 11 new facilities is in progress,

These projects include dormitories, classrooms, Science Laboratories, Administrative Blocks, Accommodation etc. Moreover, major emergency rehabilitation works were carried out on some facilities that were destroyed by rainstorm & fire (Wa Sec Tech, Gwollu SHS, Lambussie SHS, Wa Islamic SHS etc.

On vehicular support to schools in the region, he mentioned that, “Government has also supplied 29 vehicles to the 25 SHS to ease their transportation burden. These vehicles include 17 buses & 12 pick ups. They also received 11 Isuzu pick-ups and 1 Nissan Prado vehicles for the Municipal/District and the Regional Directorate of Education respectively. In 2020, 103 motorbikes were distributed to SISOs and Directors in all the 11 municipalities and districts to enhance monitoring & supervision.”

In order to improve the supply of energy in the region, Dr. Hafiz also disclosed that government has completed the 13Megawatt peak Kaleo Solar power plant. This will add to the 6.5MWp established at Lawra in 2018. Works has also commenced for the construction of phase II of the Kaleo plant to add 15Megawatt peak. When completed, it will make the region the largest contributor of solar energy to the national energy mix.

In his concluding remarks, Dr. Bin Hafiz indicated that “the region has largely received its share of the national development cake. We however continue to advocate for more interventions especially in the roads & health sector, especially in the eastern belt of the region.”

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