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The Types Of Foundation-Base The Differences Between Oil, Water And Silicone Base Foundation

The Types Of Foundation-Base The Differences Between Oil, Water And Silicone Base Foundation

You know how African parents vividly describe the ‘trials and tribulations’ they go through just to go to school? Yeah. That is just about how tough it can be finding the right foundation base for your skin type or tone. Adding to it the seasonal or climatic changes makes it a potential suicide mission but not any longer.

This article is here to guide you through your understanding and selection processes.

With that being said, let us dive straight into it all.

There are 3 types of foundation.

  • Oil based foundation
  • Water based foundation and
  • Silicone based foundation

Each of these different types of foundations have their own benefits and uses on all different skin types.The only trick is to find the best foundation base for your skin type.


Oil Based Foundation

When oil acts as the base of a foundation, it means that makeup will usually be a bit thicker or greasier than the standard water or silicone based foundation. This also does not necessarily mean makeup will automatically look greasy upon application, No. With the best application and care, it can go a couple of hours still intact.

  • Oil based foundation take longer time to penetrate the skin as compared to water based foundation. This foundation type may feel pretty heavy and greasy on the skin while it lasts.
  • For people with dry skin, oil based foundation is just the right way to go. It provides the skin with the healthy glow desired, while preventing your skin from looking dull and flat throughout the day.
  • If you have an oily skin, it is in your best interest to stay away from  strictly oil based foundation especially where your makeup comes in contact with heat. This may cause makeup feeling heavy, giving it a bad shiny look and possibly melting away.
  • When purchasing an oil base foundation, look out for ‘oil’ as a primary ingredient in the ingredients list. It could be argon oil or any other mineral oil. Either ways, there has to be ‘oil’ at the top of the list.



Water Based Foundation

You can never go wrong with water based foundation when it comes to lightweight coverage and a natural looking finishing. Due to its super light nature, it gives you the desired full coverage you want, without any heavy feeling in the face or having a cakey makeup.

  • Water based foundation provides a sheer effect which makes it seem like a second skin on your face.
  • Water based foundation contains a high water content with minimal to zero oil content, which makes them nourishing without feeling heavy.
  • They are easily blend-able, easily blends into the skin, and leaves the skin with a dewy finishing.
  • It is best suited for oily skin type , however, water based foundation is a go-to foundation for all skin types including acne-prone and sensitive skin type.
  • When getting a water based foundation, do well to look out for ‘aqua’ or ‘water’ as part of the primary ingredients in the list of ingredients.



Silicone Based Foundation

This is by far one of the least spoken about type of foundation but at the same time one of the most common on the market type of foundation.

Silicone itself comes with a slippery texture, giving giving it a smooth and silky feel.

  • Silicone based foundation due to its waterproof nature leaves the skin mattified and shin-controlled. It is best to go in for this foundation type for events or ceremonies makeup as they last longer.
  • They form a finely-defined layer on your skin thus, prevent moisture from sipping through unto the skin.
  • Silicone based foundation offers that smooth, wrinkle-free finishing touch to your skin.
  • It is most suitable for oily, normal and combination skin types but also good for sensitive skin depending on the primer used on the skin.
  • When purchasing a silicone based foundation, check the ingredients list to be sure to see dimethicone,  cyclopentasiloxane (or anything ending in -cone or -siloxane) as part of the primary ingredients.

Silicone based foundation have great fluid quantities and can be used in different forms to keep the skin smooth. As stated earlier, it carries waterproof agents and can even be used to minimize scarring or healed wounds.

The molecular structure of silicone is very favourable to the skin because the molecules have large spaces between them. This gives enough space for an absorbent covering to be formed which prevents the skin from suffocation.

Also, water based primer works best with silicone based foundation. During application, wait for your water based primer to fully absorb into your skin and then apply your silicone based foundation. If you apply your foundation too early, it will separate.

The golden rule is to always apply the ‘same base’ primer as the foundation. This ensures that the makeup works together and not conflict each other.


Here are the best pairs of Skin Types and Base Foundation…

Skin Type

Best Foundation Base

Oily skin

• Water based

• Silicone based

Dry skin

• Oil base

Normal skin

  Water based

• Oil based

• Silicone based

Sensitive skin

• Water based

• Silicone based(with a water based primer)

Combination skin

• Water based

• Silicone based



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