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The Makeup Industry:Part 2

The Makeup Industry:Part 2

A great number of people around the globe have an intrinsic fancy to look their best and feel good about themselves. They therefore turn to beauty cosmetics to modify them into the most captivating form of themselves.

Do not get me wrong – there is absolutely nothing wrong with natural born looks; absolutely fantastic. However, we cannot blame anyone who uses makeup because who does not want a much more augmented facial feature that make them feel their best?


From nobles to commoners,ancient Egyptian men wore makeup for beautification and spiritual purposes

The use of makeup can be traced all the way back to the Stone Age where red pigments and other pigments were used in primitive makeup by ancient Egyptians.

The history of makeup in Egypt tells how long long it has been in existence. Taking into consideration Egyptian arts, there is no way the dramatic eye makeup can be overlooked in both genders. In the 4000 BC., Egyptians used the likes of malachite, a copper ore, which gave the green color, kohl, used to draw thick black lines around the eyes, giving it the almond shape. They also used red ochre as lip color and henna, which was used to create designed on the fingertips and toes. Both male and female took great gratification in their appearances and turned to makeup to add unto their natural looks.





For years, makeup has been seen as an ‘only-girls’ enterprise so much that we tend to forget that it was not initially that way.

Famous male beauty influencers

The beauty and cosmetics industry is moving beyond stereotypically ‘male’ and ‘female’ marketing, packaging and advertising products, as young consumers now more than ever, demand they want brands to accept gender inclusivity.

Like the pioneers of today’s general beauty products, makeup is not limited to only women. It has a become a thing for both sexes. The world of makeup is filled with both male and female manufacturers, distributors, bloggers, artists and influencers who are living their best lives thanks to the lucrative nature of the industry.




While makeup was held in high regards in some parts of the world like Africa, it was not same for some other parts. It was not until the mode 1800s that makeup was downgraded to one of the gender spectrums. At that time in Great Britain, Queen Victoria I regarded makeup as obnoxious and therefore, generally considered and an abomination by both crown and the church. This caused a negative stir where makeup was associated with vanity and called ‘the devil’s work’.

Today, makeup has come to accept different gender expressions, creating enough room for all genders to be able to freely choose what they want to be associated within the makeup and cosmetics industry. Now, any gender can be a manufacture, advertiser, seller, blogger, influencer and or simply a consumer of any makeup or cosmetic brand or product they choose.

Final Part Coming up soon.

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