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The Brit’s dilemma [Article]

The Brit’s dilemma [Article]

Today, Saturday, September 10, 2022, Britain has a new king.

Charles III in an official ceremony was proclaimed king in the order of succession.

If it was a usual transition moment, Brits, who put their hearts in the Monarchy will be joyous, euphoric even.

But today is not such a day.

Not just has their national anthem changed from “God saved our gracious queen to God save our Gracious king” but they have to live out its true meaning; their Queen and ruler for over 70 years is no more, they now have a King.

And it has been barely 48 hours Brits stood outside the Buckingham Palace gates when the health of the Queen was publicized.

At the proclamation ceremony of King Charles III, the crowd appeared a confused crowd. Should they be excited or sad? People want to remember Her Majesty the Queen but also want to celebrate with His Majesty the King for His new role.

The announcer shouted, “three cheers for his majesty the king” “Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hurray! And with each cheer came the big “BOOM” from the artillery guns.

Tears welled up in a few eyes while a few others watched on with reverence.
It is indeed a moment of history at the St James Palace but also a moment of great sadness for a new king and for a departed queen.

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