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The Afro Girl: Trusting the Process While Still Finding Her Way

The Afro Girl: Trusting the Process While Still Finding Her Way

A bubbly greeting, a funky hairstyle and outfits put together with immaculate precision. Each morning Diana Kumbey- the Afro Girl, arrives on the AM Club on Mx24 with a cheerful and alluring “hi, hi, hi” greeting.  With each daily ten-minute appearance, the Afro Girl invites us to into the world of entertainment and keeps us glued with exciting plots and details of what our favorite celebrities have been up to.

A host who is constantly challenging herself to do more and to be more, The Afro Girl has throughout her very short career in the media industry pushed for impact and the freedom of self-expression. It’s been six years since she first debuted before a camera on the campus xbase show and she has not looked back since. Since 2017, she has accumulated the titles of producer, writer, content creator and brand influencer and she has no intention of slowing down.

But there is a whole other side to the Afro Girl. When the cameras shut off, a young Edinam with remarkable talent emerges, eager to create a path that leaves a lasting impression. Her passion is fueled by the need to make an impact with whatever little time she is given. Her work ethic is governed by the four agreements popularized by religious icon Don Miguel Ruiz. Her keys to success revolves around being impeccable with her word, not taking anything personally, not making assumptions and always doing her best.

The Afro Girl is unsure what her immediate future looks like, aside from enjoying every step the journey takes her. She believes in staying in the moment and savoring all she can. She admits to getting frustrated sometimes but already has a contingency plan – relying on her natural instincts.

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