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Thank you MX24 for the opportunity. I wish you and your readers will help me with my problems. I am a young man of 24 and currently in university

I swear eh, I curse the day I got married. It’s not even been 3 months oh and my wife is putting me through hell. Here is my story. I

Sorry I have to do this in this format. I have been following your pages and each passing week, I feel I have the chance to end this

I have had to write to you this dawn because this issue that started as very small is becoming big and taking my sleep. My husband is from a

I know I have conscience and so let none of your followers come and play ani holy than thou attitude.i am just confused and the  reason I am

Good evening, please allow your followers to help me solve this conundrum I find myself in. I am a 33 year old married woman with a 38 year old 

I have sinned against God, Against my wife and my family. I feel so horrible and ashamed. Worst part is, now I think the devil is tormenting me