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She Won’t Let Me Touch Her – Broken Pen

She Won’t Let Me Touch Her – Broken Pen

I swear eh, I curse the day I got married. It’s not even been 3 months oh and my wife is putting me through hell.

Here is my story.

I have always carried myself with humility and church vibes. I kept my virginity since before I can remember in the hope that when I got married, I will unleash all the pent-up frustrations on my new wife. Any new girl who came into my life and said they liked me, I just laughed at them and shook my head. If only they knew the plans I had in mind eh? They would have run and left their slippers behind. This was me throughout SSS and university till I met my wife.

At the time, we were just dating. We could be talking for long hours and not even realise that time had gone past. The thing that even killed me about her was that she was a church girl too and was a virgin like myself. We spoke about sex though, it’s not like we didn’t know about the feeling for it. We just had to overcome the temptation and once I asked her to marry me and she said yes, we knew we could engage fully once were married. After all, we had been told that it was special thing as a Christian to keep yourself for your partner till marriage so we were happy.

At the engagement, all I was thinking about was my first night with my wife. What was I even going to do? The styles my friends had told me about all seemed painful and hard to do so my wife and I had discussed watching some sex videos to help us get prepared and to learn. I had done my due diligence and was prepared.


That was in October.

Since then, I have been trying to have sex with my own wife to no avail.


The time catch, honeymoon in SA, first night. I tried to kiss her to start everything and at first it was going well till I tried to take off her pant and all of a sudden, she stopped me. Why ah, she said she’s tired and that the long flight has taken a lot out of her. I no bore. I still bided my time like a lion who has cornered an antelope. I took it coolly because we had the rest of our lives so why stress right? Chairman paid for a flight all the way to SA and if you see the hotel and the view, any women will get in the mood for romance straight! Because I didn’t want it to look like it was only because of sex I married her (I also married her because I thought she was my partner for life), I let it go.

That was in October. Since then, I have been trying to have sex with my own wife to no avail. What is this? I don’t know whether she is shy or something but I recall one day when I came out of the bathroom naked. She saw my small boy and screamed out of shock. I don’t want to blow my own horn but I am packing serious heat. Could it be that she’s scared of me and my luggage? Is there any verse that says we should wait till a certain time like 6 months after the wedding before we have sex or something? If there was, I would know.

My people, I am giving her up till 14th of this month. If she doesn’t let me fire this Val’s day, it is over. She can leave and go back to her parents’ house and I will find another wife. I know that sex is an important part of marriage and if I kept myself all this while, why do I need to wait any longer? She is stressing me and at this point, I am beginning to think that someone is cultivating her land and harvesting the fruits I have laboured for. As a married man, it embarrassing for me to say this but can you believe that I have resorted to masturbation for sexual pleasure? Don’t worry, I am even more disgusted at myself than you and this can’t go on. I tried again last night but she blamed her being on her period for not wanting to do it. I’m tired and running out of patience. My people, please help me fix my broken pen because I really dey suffer.

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