HomeCurrent Affairs[PICTURES] Koforidua Jubilee Park wastes away

[PICTURES] Koforidua Jubilee Park wastes away

[PICTURES] Koforidua Jubilee Park wastes away

The Koforidua Jubilee Park which was built with thousands of Ghana cedis has been left been left to rot by city authorities.

The park which was built in 2007 as part of several others in the regional capitals to mark Ghana’s 50th Anniversary, has become an abode for lunatics, stray animals, miscreants, wee smokers and a place to attend to nature’s call.

Due to neglect, its surroundings and parade grounds have overgrown with weeds and filth. The concrete tiles used for the floor is also being washed away by erosion.

When it rains, water collect in puddles on the parade grounds. The facility also floods due to poor drainage systems.

A downpour months ago left parts of the roof in tatters and the lighting system shattered.

MX24 News’ visit to the facility revealed that chambers meant to be offices are being occupied with filth.

Cracks were also seen in the structure which may cause a possible collapse if not attended to.


The facility which serves as an event grounds (religious activities, funerals, security parades, among others) does not have it’s on source of electricity power.

By: Evans Cudjoe,

       Eastern Regional Content Manager,

       MX24 TV.


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