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My Husband And My Mother – Broken Pen

My Husband And My Mother – Broken Pen

I really feel ashamed to bring this out but seems this is the only option to get some advice and still stay anonymous. I also know my husband is not a social media person and does not play in this space.

Unfortunately, in as much as I have tried to kill this situation which started as lil jokes, I have come to the painful conclusion that my husband is having or about to have something to do with my supposed mother.

This is how I arrived at my point;
1. My mother had a strong liking for my husband when I introduced him to her. She said he resembled my father a lot. All I know of him is an old picture which was taken from his site in the Eastern Region where they met until he met his untimely death via road accident before I was even born 3 months after he met my mom and got her pregnant.
2. In December 2019, we welcomed our first baby and we agreed to make my mum come over and stay with us so she supports and I must say she has been of immense support. Before this, we occasionally visited her in her residence somewhere in the Eastern Region.
3. Something happened last year during Val’s day that I thought was normal but now it is beginning to make sense to me. My husband bought me dresses and intimate wears last Valentine and bought my mother dresses. I however realized once my mother had been in a lingerie but seriously never gave it a thought. Now I have a strong feeling my husband bought it for her.
4.  During same time last year, we had survived a big fight and my mother always seemed to support my husband. She kept saying I have a good husband and if I don’t keep him well, someone will snatch him. I just remembered another scenario! I once saw some messages on my husbands phone and confronted him, my mother told me all men are like that so I should not stretch it.
5. I also realized later last year that my husband had started coming home earlier which is very strange as he has defended so many times how his work is demanding and he cannot get home before 8pm and Fridays were always for catch ups. Sometimes he gets home before I get in and though I celebrated him at that time, now I think I was fooling myself. Actually this recent xmas, he bought her some good goodies as an appreciation for “her support to the family and I genuinely thanked him for that”.
6. The last incident was just two weeks ago when we were making out and my Husband mentioned my mother’s name, he vehemently refuted he did that but I believe I heard him, or maybe it was my ears… I don’t trust myself again, this is too much for me to even comprehend and it’s so sensitive I cannot discuss with anyone. now I am having sleepless nights.

What if all my assertions are wrong and just the work of the devil to destroy my marriage?

Unfortunately, my child is having some health issues I which I wouldn’t want to discuss and really need my mother to be around to support.

It is very difficult for me. I have started asking if she is really my mother and plan to go and speak to her sister and use smart ways to get some info as I have no siblings. I do this knowing how much my mother has advised us to stay away from some of her siblings as they envy her. The Man who led me to marriage is also a very good family friend who has passed, I would have gone to him maybe.

But Mx24, this is heavy on me. I have lost my joy and as Val’s day approaches, I don’t know how I will react if he buys her gifts again. To make things worse, we are expecting another baby and I have a strong feeling this might affect our unborn child.

Is it my own biological mother ruining my home? Or I am an adopted or stolen child?

Now even if I manage to let my mum go and there is something going on, it won’t stop it.

Please help me with sound advice.

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