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My Friend’s Wife – Broken Pen

My Friend’s Wife – Broken Pen

Ei Mx24, some women are wicked!!! What I experienced yesterday still amazes me. See er, I have not been this angry and annoyed at the same time. But yesterday, I had to finally conclude that you just can’t trust anyone.

Let me give you some background. My wife runs a budding online gift shop which she hardly gets involved with cos she has a little sister who is managing it. She started it in June last year and seems things are picking up. During the Xmas season, some good orders came in so she had to go support. This Val’s day, the orders really increased. So we decided that we will both take Monday off so we could help manage the whole packaging and delivery process. We had lots of orders so it was tedious but it was worth it. In the process, I recognized my good friend as a recipient of a gift hamper and when I looked at the one ordering, it was from his wife which made me happy so I told my wife we should actually add up. Then to our surprise, his wife had also ordered for two more hampers for different guys. Yes, she has also made orders for us to deliver hampers for two guys and guess what, she bought a phone screen protector and shaving set for her husband and extremely expensive items for the other dudes. In all, she bought items worth GHC 9,420 and only GHC 1,220 for her husband. She spent almost GHC 6,000 on one of the guys with items from perfumes to wrist watches and made us add a card with a note “ This is the first time I won’t be with you on Val’s day but here’s to making it up to you”. I am very sure she was with the guy before marriage and still didn’t break up.

Yes, this is from my friends wife! Just after a year of marriage!!! An innocent-looking woman is cheating on her husband who is my good friend and God chooses Val’s day to expose her. My friend works so hard and as a man, I can confidently say he is a good guy. We even laugh at him with how he never “misbehaved” even before marriage. He is dedicated and always singing his wife’s praises.

As for the second person, he is actually in her office. And the items were worth over GHC 2,000. And inscription was “thanks for making me feel special always in the office, love you loads”. I don’t know how deep she is in it with this guy but the intimate items including foreign brand boxer shorts made me know there is more.

Chale! I’m heartbroken. This innocent-looking woman who my friend has been with and supported is shagging outside marriage. And the worst is, spending on guys with money I’m sure my friend must have supported her with.

Ei, if you see this woman leading Worship at church on Sunday eh, you’d feel like angels are carrying her, but see. Shamefully sharing her privacy with another and possibly two guys.

Mx24, This world is not fair. Not fair at all. Don’t know how to even handle the issue, not sure I can tell my friend, it will break him. He is fragile and does not deserve this, not sure how he will behave. But I can’t also stand aloft and watch this go on. Or should I confront the woman? What if she denies it?

Things have been running in my head after the dispatch left yesterday. Today I’m going back to the office and I will see my friend. Not sure anymore how I will behave but I know he just deserves more than this dangerous woman.

This time, my friends pen is almost broken. Help me

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