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My Brother In-Law Is Taking Me To Hell

My Brother In-Law Is Taking Me To Hell

Hi Mx24, i write this to seek advice on a very uncomfortable situation that can become very embarrassing.
I have been married for a year. When we got married, I moved into his house at Adenta where he had lived for the past 4 years with his junior brother, but they all live in different rooms. We have all been living nicely until January 11th when my husband had to go work in East Africa due to realignment of his office after the COViD pandemic.
I plan to join him there later this year as we are still working to make babies and the distance might be a bother. But there is a bigger issue.
After he travelled, the bond between me and his junior brother which was always good has become stronger and maybe too strong and I think his junior brother has seen it and playing on it.
I do admire him because he is very smart and supportive. I have bad eyesight so I struggle to drive at night, when I realize I will close late and will struggle to drive, he will come to my office around Airport and come and get the car and drive for us to go home. I am also undertaking my Masters in a course he did his first degree in and he would help with assignments and explanations. But there is the challenge, our closeness is embarrassingly crossing boundaries.
I must also say He is also very caring and will check up on me regularly while I’m at work.
But I think he has become too comfortable and has some actions that speak against morals. He will wear tight boxer shorts and walk around the house. Truth is, he works very much on his body and has some great looks which is almost or even better than his senior brother (My husband). I have told him a couple of times to dress up properly which he will conform for some few days and then go back to his old ways.
Sometimes, he will be watching some naughty content on his laptop with loud voices from his room and I can basically hear. I have found nice ways to control these but I think I’m losing the battle.
This past Saturday was my close friend’s birthday which I duly attended. Because the party was at night, I asked him to come along just so strangers wouldn’t be hitting on me. You know how Accra make hot now.  Well it worked but only escalated the tight fondness. We danced for a while, initially it felt awkward dancing with my brother in-law loosely but I think over the period, I adjusted and had a good dance. The last part of the party was the salsa lessons and I think something happened wrongly. We got closer with the moves and I could hear his breath. The cocktail I took maybe didn’t help as the dance became more exciting. I am just being graphical so you will understand how far this has gone and how I’m struggling to get out from it.
When we got home that night, I am ashamed to admit we kissed briefly but I gathered the strength to leave, got to my room and locked it. Well he didn’t come knocking or anything. But I knew we were just getting too far.
On Sunday morning, whiles having morning calls with my husband, I proposed I wanted my sister to come around but he is never a fan of that as my family never liked him because of his tribe and we agreed we won’t entertain them coming around for long periods. I also was trying to find a way to ask him to get his brother to move out but that would raise eyebrows and blow this thing out of proportion. Yesterday when I got home, I was very careful and he also acted like nothing happened.
I know I am the lady and the married one and should know better, I do agree but trust me it’s not that easy. I even fasted on Monday and yesterday to ask God for even the thought that i am getting erotic with my brother in-law.
I have been forced to write this now because there is an audit for 2021 ongoing in the office and I will stay late, meaning I’d have to call him to come and drive me home. I feel really awkward and anxious. Seems I am losing my defenses around a younger boy who is the brother of my husband. It embarrasses me to say this but I need help. Please please please. Don’t respond to this message. I will have to delete as my husband has access to my accounts and occasionally checks in on it. .
Sorry for the errors and lack of flow, I’m nervous and apprehensive.

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