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Mass Food Poisoning Recorded From Marwako

Mass Food Poisoning Recorded From Marwako

Marwako, one of Ghana’s popular restaurants is facing serious allegations of mass food poisoning of customers including children, which seem to have occurred over the weekend.

The situation came to light when a tweep took to his twitter page to talk about Marwako giving him and his friends food poisoning.

After this tweet came many other tweets and comments making same complains about having same experiences after eating food from Marwako over the weekend, and even ending up in hospitals. A good number of health workers in some hospitals have in tweets, confirmed the situation, stating the crazy number of turnups of food poisoning cases from Marwako (specifically East Legon branch).

It was noted this afternoon that the Food and Drugs Authority went over to the restaurant to pick samples of food, shut it down. Some victims are threatening court action against Marwako.

Things do not look positive for the restaurant as the cases reported seem abnormal and now, with the involvement of the FDA, the restaurant stands a high chance of getting closed down should anything odd be found in the food samples.


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