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Kweku Baako Brings Copy And Paste U.S. Department Of State Report To Light

Kweku Baako Brings Copy And Paste U.S. Department Of State Report To Light

The United States released a report on Ghana known to be aimed at revealing human right violations in the country and in the attempt to lay down some facts about the country.

The report titled “2021 Country Reports on Human Right Practices: Ghana” drew a rather negative image of Ghana’s judiciary, allegedly calling it corrupt.

It was also stated in the report that “There were few reports that the government or its agents committed arbitrary or unlawful killings. Offices charged with investigating security force killings include the Special Investigations Branch of the Ghana Armed Forces and the Police Professional Standards Bureau. On June 26,unidentified perpetrators beat #FixTheCountry movement supporter and social activist Ibrahim “Kaaka” Muhammed in Ejura, Ashanti Region. On June 28,he died in the hospital from his injuries.

Muhammed who was also a member of the Economic  Fighters League (EFL),was a vocal anti-corruption activist and #FixTheCountry had protested against restriction of freedom of assembly .

EFL reported that prior to his beating and eventual death, Kaaka had threats and had received warnings from the police for his activism.

During a protest walk in the wake of Kaaka’s death, security forces shot and killed two protestors. (See Section 2.b., Freedom of Assembly) “

Some political opponents of the sitting government have contend that the content in the report is simply the reflection of the government’s action and how the present is governing the country.

While some agree with this report, seasonal journalist Kweku Baako made some rather astonishing comments  about Peace Fm’s ‘Kokrokoo’ morning show, that the US Department of State has simply been duplicating the report every year, therefore no matter how the economy is going, they reproduce the same results for Ghana. While pulling out archives to support his claims, he stated that the Americans have made a template of their report which keeps repeating itself every time about Ghana.

Jounalist, Kweku Baako

Journalist, Kweku Baako

He revealed reports from 2012,2014,2015,and 2016 showing the same thing consistently.

“You see, in all, the government is mentioned and they will say government or it’s agents. Now when you read the report into detail, the specifics they give are either police, military, or other security services killing civilians but of course, they still use the word ‘government’. My understanding is that government agents. This therefore proves that portions of the report are photocopied and reproduced each year on Ghana’s economy.”,Mr Baako said.

Kweku Baako however did not hesitate to let it be known that the report should not be ignored.

He called it a wake-up call that we should do something about our systems and institutions. He also declared that he will not attack the Americans because of this report as it will be unfair to ourselves if we say the report is bogus because it is unfavorable to Ghana today.


Source: Ghana Web

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