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Kris Jenner Said To Be Hands-Off The Kim-Ray J Sex Tape Deal With Vivid Entertainment

Kris Jenner Said To Be Hands-Off The Kim-Ray J Sex Tape Deal With Vivid Entertainment

Ray J is out here speaking “his” facts about the leaked sex tape that put Kim Kardashian in the public’s eye, saying it was not accidental but was planned with the full involvement of the Kardashians.

Ray J speaking to DailyMail.com expressed his anger on how the Kardashians have essentially accused him of holding unreleased sex tape over their heads, and blaming him for releasing the OG sex tape in the first place. He stood by his words that the truth is the direct opposite of  what he is being accused of.

According to Ray J, he jokingly suggested the idea of dropping their sex tape online in the wake of the Paris Hilton video leak, to grow her fame and celebrity. Ray J alleges Kim hoped on the idea, talked to her mother Kris and the idea was set in motion which to him, was not really privy to until it came to signing away the rights. He said both him and Kim signed a contract, and the rest was history.


Ray J, Kim Kardashian

Fast forward 2022, Ray J insists Kris Jenner was smack in the middle of negotiating Kim and Ray J’s sex tape but it is also learned that Kris Jenner was hands-off during the deal. However, sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ Kris never negotiated with Vivid Entertainment which distributed the tape back in 2007. It is told that Kim and Ray J dealt with Vivid Entertainment directly with their lawyers.

This does not entirely mean Ray J is nit being honest, he maintains that both Kim and Kris were part of the entire plot to make and peddle a sex tape in the face of the great financial success of Paris Hilton. This could be true but that does not entirely mean Kris was not working behind the scenes as Ray J claims.

As reported over the years, the Kardashians claimed they never signed off the tape but the reality is, Vivid Entertainment could also not release the tape without the signatures of the two actors involved – Ray J and Kim Kardashian. If it did, there would have been a lawsuit because Vivid could not use the name or likeness of anyone on the tape without their consent.

Kim Kardashian actually sued Vivid Entertainment prior to the tape’s released but the lawsuit was dropped. It was told that because she and Ray J cut the deal they wanted and that cleared the path for the release of the video.



Source: TMZ

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