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Gold & Silver Jewelries – Mixing & Tips On Selection

Gold & Silver Jewelries – Mixing & Tips On Selection

Remember the days when it was seen as a fashion error to wear mixed jewelry? The times when single-coloured jewelry were the only real deal?

Or maybe, do you ever find yourself confused about the combination of silver and gold jewelries…asking yourself “can I mix gold and silver metals for accessories?” Well here is your answer…

Yes you can!!

We are in a time period where fashion is limitless and always evolving to only stick to one way of style without exploring. So many people are quick to cite “never mix metals when styling your jewelry” to back their arguments of mixing silver and gold jewelry. I honestly do not know where this ‘fashion rule’ came from but I am here to preach the new gospel that ‘there is absolutely no rule like that’! There are no written rules in the world of jewelry and any good stylist or fashion head can attest to that.

Mixing silver and gold jewelry has become one of the hottest trends in recent times. It is a way of showing off your unique style while having fun with colours and at the same time, saving yourself some money.


Mixing Silver And Gold Rings…?

Wearing gold and silver rings together can give your entire outfit and edgy look if you do it right. Remember there is a fine line between looking good and looking tacky when wearing jewelry so be sure to know the distinction.

Subtlety is the hallmark of class so you would want to go for something uniform or something that blend together when stacking rings. Rings do not necessarily have to be all one-tone but, it is advisable to pick rings of the same or similar style or design in order to create that all embracing effect.

Stack a mixture of silver and gold statement cocktail rings with plain bands for a balanced look or, you can go in for something as ‘chaotic’ like a mixture of think and thin rings on a single finger.

If gold is your go-to metal, or sterling silver is yours, you can make an eclectic blend mixing silver and gold.



Layered Silver And Gold Necklaces…?

Mixing your metals as well as the length of your necklaces is the best way to perfect a look.

This probably my personal favorite way of mixing metals. Gold and silver necklaces work together like charm. Combine your gold and silver necklaces to create a layered necklace look. The sunny hues of gold and the gentle shimmer of silver come together to create a striking balance of beauty.

For the sake of comfort and a great appearance, it is best to wear the mixed necklaces at different lengths. Pairing engraved necklaces with with short chockers create a balanced look which surely draw all eyes to you.

Personalise your look by exploring the various shades of gold and silver. Select the metals which best compliment each other and do not forget to customise your look with a pendant (not compulsory by the way).

If you are having different thoughts about mixing necklace tones, try start with some minimalist pieces. Simplicity in jewelry creates a safe space for experiment.


Is It Bad Luck To Wear Gold And Silver Combined?

In alchemy, silver is associated with the moon and purity and gold represents divine perfection and the sun. Wearing these two together is no more bad luck than having the sun and moon in the sky at the same time; not like two legends cannot coexist.

Gold and silver are both attached to positive ideas, there is no reason wearing gold and silver together should draw bad luck.


Gone are the days when combining gold and silver jewelry was seen as a fashion taboo. However, there are some few things to take into consideration when mixing gold and silver jewelry. Here are some tips on how to mix your jewelry.


Check your layering:

Be sure to layer your necklaces one on top of the other. Begin with the longest and work your way up to the shortest. Some necklaces may overlap which is normal. Allow them to fall in place naturally.






  • Make sure your jewelry compliments your outfit:

Always make sure your jewelry is the right type for your outfit. You will want to avoid looking ‘overly’ acessorised for an outfit which demands a simple two-layered fold and silver necklaces. Let your outfit be the base for your jewelry selection to avoid any contradicting finished look. If the outfit is casual, keep the jewelries casual. If it is a glamourous one, go all out with the jewelry.


  • Have at least a single ‘bridge piece’

Bridge pieces are made of metal such as gold, silver and vermeil (gold plated silver). By wearing at least one piece, it is easy to tie in other pieces of gold and silver. This works well for combination rings, necklaces or bracelet.



  • Watch your colour scheme:

Try as much as possible to go in for colours that will agree with gold and silver. Subtle and earthy colors always seem to do the magic, while white, black and gray are always worthy of a nice silver and gold combination.






You have what you need to make every decision there is when it comes to mixing metals. Every other thing is up to you now.

All the best in your exploration.


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