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Ghana must be run in a businesslike manner – Kwasi Addai Odike advocates

Ghana must be run in a businesslike manner – Kwasi Addai Odike advocates

Businessman and politician, Kwasi Addai Odike has questioned the manner in which Ghana has been run by successive governments since independence.

According to the founder and leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), the persistent economic woes of Ghana can partly be blamed on the type of leaders the country has had since attaining independence in 1957.

Speaking on Spotlight on MX 24 TV with Nuong Faalong, Odike contended that the successive leaders of the country are not business-minded people but rather, art minded which he believes does not augur well for economic transformation.

Comparing Ghana to her peers at independence, he explained these countries have achieved their economic independence because the leaders managed the country like a business which cannot be said to be case in Ghana.

He therefore insisted that considering the current dire economic situation Ghana is experiencing, it is about time that the leadership of the country is handed over to businessmen like himself so that the fortunes of the country can be turnaround.

“Since independence, a lot has gone on. We have given lawyers the opportunity to lead this country. Military men have taken over many times including professors but Ghanaians cannot still be compared to countries that we have independence with in the period in terms of the way they have advanced. What was the magic?”, Odike quizzed?

He further explained that “As a businessman man I feel Ghana needs to be run in a businesslike manner. I presented myself to the good people of this country to give me the opportunity as a businessman to use my business experience under my sleeves to move the economy. Basically, everybody is complaining about the economy and every era has its own leaders. When the economy is not doing well, who are the players that must come to play in terms of fixing the economy? It is business acumen that is needed most to create jobs, wealth.”

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