HomeNews“Ghana Airport Company Owe Us $80m” – Ghana Meteorological Agency

“Ghana Airport Company Owe Us $80m” – Ghana Meteorological Agency

“Ghana Airport Company Owe Us $80m” – Ghana Meteorological Agency

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has stated that it cannot provide accurate weather information due to financial challenges.

Felicity Ahafianyo, Head of Central Analysis and Forecast at Ghana Meteorological Agency said it has to resort to manual calculations and analyses of the numerous data they work with because their Radar has been down for a long time.

In an interview on Accra-based Citi FM, she bemoaned that their work has been made very difficult due to the several millions of dollars owed them by the Ghana Airport Company.

According to her, the Ghana Airport Company Limited and Ghana Civil Aviation Authority owed the institute to the tune of $80 million.

She said “Some companies are owing to the Ghana Meteorological Agency, and they are not paying. I can say that Ghana Airport Company is not paying for the services we are rendering to them. The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority is also not paying us for the services we are rendering. They are not paying, but once in a while, they come and give us something. Meanwhile, they are owing us $80 million.”

The perennial Accra floods have reared their ugly head again as hours of heavy downpour have left many communities in the city submerged.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Works and Housing said Ghana needs about $5 billion to solve its flooding problem.

According to the Minister, this figure was arrived at after a series of studies were done to address the challenges.

The Minister made these comments while addressing the press on June 12, 2022.

“Some studies have been done, and they indicate that to address the flooding issue in the country, Ghana will need about US$ 5 billion to be able to address the flooding challenges across the country. This was done some time ago and so if we have to use it, we have to review it because a lot has happened since then,” he stated.

The minister said flood-prone areas within the capital, Accra, would have witnessed greater dangers than it has witnessed during downpours.

He said “The district assemblies have the powers and we the citizens have to support them so that we can be successful. The President has given the directive and a task force has been set up at the office of the President, and I am very hopeful that this directive will be enforced to bring down a lot of structures to mitigate the effects of flooding, especially in Accra.”


Source: Pulse Ghana

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