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Fuel Prices Expected To Surge

Fuel Prices Expected To Surge

The prices of fuel are expected to again rise to another height in the face of complains from Ghanaians about the current prices.
This was made in a recent report by Joy Business, and in the report, a liter of diesel is expected to increase by 11.14%, while petrol will increase by 13%.

The report further indicated that globally, the prices of crude oil have not increased, however, the increase in these prices is due to the increase in the cost of refining the crude to get the consumable products.

This was made known by some data from the Bulk Oil Distribution Companies, and this will make the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) likely to increase fuel prices on the market.

At the moment, Petrol is being sold at GHC 10.10 per liter, while diesel is being sold at a price of GHC 12.20.

Prices of other goods are also expected to go up since in Ghana, every thing significantly increases as the prices of fuel shoot up.



Source: Gh Gossip

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