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Forbidden Fruits Taste Sweetest – Broken Pen

Forbidden Fruits Taste Sweetest – Broken Pen

It’s not the first time or the second time. It’s been happening for a while. The thing is at this point, I don’t think I am doing anything wrong and feel really strongly about this. I don’t want people to judge me but if anyone has any advice for me it will really help.

For me the attraction started when we were kids. We used to play a lot together and also because we lived in the same compound house but when we grew up, because of school, work and other things we grew apart. We always had a good connection though. Every time we met it was as if the last time we met was not too long ago. I think the only times we met were at family gatherings and weddings and things like that but one meeting in particular set us off on this path.

It was at our uncle’s funeral in Kenyasi in Kumasi. This uncle was a big man in Kumasi so everyone had to go home and support the family. When I saw her, I realized instantly that she had grown more since the last time I saw her. Her breasts were fuller and her cheeks had grown big. We all called her obolo and I think she was happy to see me as well because we did all the funeral rounds together and even sat at the table taking the “nsawa” that people usually bring in to help with the expenses and stuff.

Usually, we all share a room and change around each other as families do when they go for occasions like this but this time around as she came out of the bathroom naked with her waist beads on, I couldn’t help myself. It was the first time I had an erection around my family member and when I got up to go have my shower, I couldn’t hide it so she saw it and started laughing. Initially I was embarrassed as I went to have a shower but nothing I did made it to go down. After the shower she was still laughing at me and teasing me. I don’t think she realized it was because of her I had rooted so she playfully touched it but I warned her not to start something she couldn’t finish but she kept on doing it till I grabbed her and kissed her. She didn’t stop me and after I got tired, she asked me why I stopped. Two and two happened and we had intercourse right there in the room.

I know some people will argue that we should have stopped and all those things but we both wanted it. It felt natural when we held each other so we just naturally let things flow but after that we knew it couldn’t continue. It felt like we had sinned and after sitting in silence for a very long time, we swore that this sin won’t happen again. We promised not to call each other or even text after the funeral.

Ever since then, I never craved for another woman except my cousin. I could still smell her body lotion from that day and though we agreed that we need not have another situation like that, I just wanted to be with her again. It was so bad to the point that I used to wish that someone in the family will die or something so we could meet again at a family funeral.

At that point it was the first time I had intercourse with my cousin and to be honest, once I dealt with the aftertaste of guilty emotions, I didn’t think it was a bad experience. Yes, she’s my cousin but also a normal and beautiful woman who is very attractive. I know it is an abomination in our culture but we are way beyond that at this point. We both softened our stances after I had a call from her saying she had missed me. It was relieving to hear I wasn’t the only one who missed the other person. She visited me one weekend and we enjoyed ourselves throughout the whole weekend. If the first time was a mistake, this time the intercourse was intentional.

We sat down and talked to each other after and realized that our attraction to each other is not based on just having intercourse every now and then but we actually want to do the marriage rights and be recognized as a couple. All things being good, she has told me that she is pregnant and I want us to keep the baby. We have fallen in love with each other and want to present the case to our family. I know they will say it’s a taboo but I don’t care how many goats or chickens we have to sacrifice for cleansing ritual and stuff. It’s only her that I want to be with.

I know that I am not mad. I know this is the person I want to be with. I am just scared that my family will not accept us for who we are. I’ve heard from somewhere that cousins do get married so why can’t we. But at the same time some other people too say if you have a child with your cousin the child can have three legs or three eyes and all other things. Is this true? Should I further pursue this beautiful relationship with my dear cousin?

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