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Fashion Trends – & Factors That Influence Fashion Trends.

Fashion Trends – & Factors That Influence Fashion Trends.

Trends are associated with the ideas of fashion and novelty and the ideas of anticipation and uncertainty.

The term “trend” refers to a gradual change or development that produces a particular result according to the Macmillan dictionary. There is no defined definition for “fashion trend” however, fashion trend can be described as a particular popular style of clothing and accessories at a particular moment in time. A fashion trend setter is also someone who looks at fashion and style from an artistic point of view.

While traditional fashion houses still have an impact on the way that fashion trends emerge, it is not just those sources that play the role.

Fashion trends are influenced by a variety of factors, including climate, creative exploration, cinema, designs, innovation, economic, social and technological factors. Other moving influences include marketing, advertising and the media but out of all these factors, the five key ways through which fashion trends emerge are

  1. through celebrities
  2. fashion bloggers
  3. street style
  4. runway and
  5. through the different fashion capitals of the world.



Celebrities are one of the biggest driving forces in trend creation. Celebrities are very influential and the public and fans follow their every move and hang on their every word. Companies employ their their image, fame, audience or services to be brand ambassadors or spokespersons for their brands.

Many celebrities have become trend setters and style icons over the years. Eyes are always on them and their fans often copy and do what they do. Fans look to them to see what to how and how to dress.

Some celebrity fashion trend setters include Ye, Meghan Markle, Lizzo, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya and a lot others.



2. Fashion Bloggers

Fashion bloggers have proven to the masses that they have great taste at creating trends in the fashion world over the years. Just as designers turn to celebrities to wear and promote their clothing brands, they turn  to bloggers for same reasons because they are very much aware of their influence. Fashion bloggers set trends by styling the garment in various ways, photographing themselves and and sharing their images and thoughts with their audience.

While people look up to celebrities just because they like to, so do people look up to fashion bloggers for direction and how trends are set. Fashion bloggers are able to discuss that has been cat walked before fashion journalists even open their laptops to start writing their articles.

Some fashion bloggers who have been able to set trends and influence fashion are Peace Love Shea and Chiara Ferragni (who set the tone with the popular military style).



3. Street Style

The term “street style” refers to everyday looks that can be seen on the street on any given day. These are looks that people are spotted in on regular days, but still make an impact on people who pass by them – and they get inspired.

Street styles are easier to recreate and people are inclined to follow the trends of an ‘everyday person’ because they believe these are trends they can pull off themselves.




4. Runway

Fashion lovers wait in great anticipation every season to see the handiwork of designers they love. Many of today’s trends are looks modelled on the runway during fashion week events in Paris, New York, Milan and London.

Trends start on the runway simply because runway looks are moments created by fashion designs that are purely heavenly. These are looks that mostly sell out with in hours and become the one style people want to be seen in at that time period.



5.  Fashion Capitals

In as much as every city is unique and can inspire and influence the fashion industry, not every town or city can be a fashion capital. There are a couple of cities with the most significant fashion influence worldwide known as “The Big Four” These are home of the largest high-end fashion companies.

The fashion weeks in these cities draw celebrities and fashion moguls from all walks of life. Every fashion head monitors events that happen in these big four fashion capitals. These four capitals are

  1. London, United Kingdom
  2. Paris, France
  3. New York, United States
  4. Milan, Italy.


London Fashion Week, Men

London, United Kingdom

influence is not to be underestimated even though it is the home of the shortest fashion week celebration among the four capitals. London is the home of the best fashion schools attended by the leading figures of London fashion houses and brands.

London Fashion Week is famous for its inclusivity. It was the first to begin streaming the event and this made fashion trends available to millions of people across the globe.

London Fashion Week is able to generate over 100 million pounds worth of orders, with the last Fashion Week generating a whooping 440 million pounds. Obviously, this is a grand impact on the economy of the country from just the fashion sector.



Paris Fashion Week

Paris, France

Paris remains a top fashion city where fashion designers and lovers visit for fashion inspiration for their works. Most tourists would say that Paris “breathes fashion.” Just by taking a walk in the city, you will be greeted with different influences that make the city’s style unique.

The Fashion Week in this City of Lights is a huge event that is also a significant mover of the city’s (and perhaps, the country’s) economy. Paris, like the four other capitals, also dictates trends for upcoming seasons.

Paris Fashion Week is by far the most sophisticated fashion week events of all the four capitals. It looks more like an artistic display rather than a trade show to attract customers.

Not only does the fashion week events pull fashion designers and lovers, celebrities and influencers to the city, it brings around 1.2 billion Euros in Economic spin-offs every year, which is almost half a billion due to its impact and even more than that after the trade fairs.

Paris holds over 300 fashion shows yearly with half of them being by foreign brands. Over 14,000 exhibitors come at play during these events, two thirds of which reside outside of France.

The recent statistics show that the country earns around 150 billion Euros in direct sales, with the entire industry making up about 2.7% of the total GDP and bringing jobs to one million people.



New York Fashion Week

New York, United States

According to official data, New York is the leading fashion and luxury city worldwide. It has the highest IPX – the Global Fashion & Luxury Industry Cities Index, sitting at 129.42. Therefore, it has a more significant influence than the other major fashion capitals.

You can can find every high-end brand you can think of in New York. Many well-known fashion brands are headquartered in this city and use the fast-paced New York lifestyle as an inspiration. What makes New York standout rom the others the fashion journalist scene. The city is a place where all non-designers go to try make it in the fashion world, either by writing or promoting.

While there are no official stats for 2022 yet, it is clear that the fashion industry in New York is among the staples of the state’s economy. It is not a surprise that the entire fashion designer market in the U.S. is worth $3 billion.



Milan Fashion Week

Milan, Italy

It is no surprise that one of the largest cities in Italy is a global fashion hub. Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli and Versace are just a few of the world’s renowned Italian brands that set global trends. Italian designers and fashion events made Milan one of the most fashionable cities in the world, known for its sexy and edgy vibe. 

Milan is also great for anyone looking to start their designer journey. It was the starting point for a lot of famous brands such as Prada, Gucci and Armani.

The fashion capital in Europe dedicated the biggest square to the fashion industry: the Golden Rectangle. This square consists of four streets full of designer displays and retail stores open to every visitor.

The Milan Fashion Week is not the only event in this city of fashion. MICAM is a famous footwear gathering that attracts visitors from around the world.

Milan Fashion Week usually host about 70 fashion shows and 90 designer presentations. The recent fashion capitals facts show that the income of the Milan Fashion Week amounts to over 40 million Pounds. Not only that, but each time the fashion week ranks in more than 13 million Pounds in earnings for hotels and businesses around the town.



Each of these four cities is unique in its own way and definitely worth visiting, but in case you want to go to any of these cities during their fashion week, you have to start planning your trip now as these cities quickly book up during these periods.

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