Fashion Tips 1.0.

Fashion Tips 1.0.

Every once in a while, we open our closets and wardrobe and sometimes feel like we have nothing to wear, even with all those hundreds and thousands of clothes that stare right back at us. In those moments, we feel the urgent need to upgrade our wardrobes, in order to have clothes to wear again. This however does not have to be the case.

If you are reading this, this is suppose you have been facing same issue, similar issue or simply want to add to your knowledge of fashion.

Congratulations! You found the right one.

This article focuses on some tips on how to keep your closet in shape, how to make use of what you have in your closet, and what to consider when getting new clothes.

Edit and organise your wardrobe:

How can you create any look for yourself when you cannot see what exactly you own? Takeout all your clothes in the wardrobe and, neatly fold all the clothes, give out or sell those you do not want anymore, and then arrange what is left in their respective categories. Hang what needs to be hanged, arrange shoes on a shoe rack and bags on a shelf.

Try to use coordinating hangers and do not forget to keep your most used clothes on eye level.




Choose clothes that fit your body shape:

Having outfits that look great on you and boldens your body features requires careful and strategic way of shopping. Always go in for clothes that fit your current body shape and never buy clothes as weight lose inspiration. When in doubt of what really works for you, look at your most flattering items in your closet. Those clothes that nicely complement your body shape and accentuate your curves and features. Also, try experimenting with other different clothes in your closet or wardrobe. This is another way of getting to know which clothes need to be kept and which must go out of the closet or wardrobe.



Curate a signature style:

Find your go-to looks. Picture outfits you feel most comfortable in, which are easy and simple to put together. Looks you can pull-off off the top of your mind without struggle and within a jiffy. You can also ask friends or people close to you what they think you look best in. Their responses coupled with your personal observation and knowledge can help you come to a conclusion on what works best for you and what your signature look can be.

Based on this knowledge too, your can create multiple takes on your signature looks. If jeans trousers is what you look best in, you can get multiple jeans trousers in different colours and design, and match them with different tops as well. Variety is key.



Dare to mix patterns:

Just like how variety adds life and fun to things, so does pattern add life and fun to our outfits. It is also another way to bolden your look, taking you from a basic block-coloured look, to a chic-confident bold look.

However, you would want to make sure that the patterns in your outfit complement each other rather than clash. Choose one focal design and accent it with a lesser one.

Stick to similar colour family, preferably the same background shade and avoid two large scale patterns as they have to compete for dominance which in turn, will have you looking like a handful of simply messy.



Show the right amount of skin:

Try showing just a part of your body. It is best to show off best feature, say your legs, back, cleavage, thighs, or shoulder, simply the best part of your body you are most proud of. However, do well to reveal less than more when in doubt. Too much skin reveal may come of trashy other than elegant.






Do not forget your jewelries:

The right jewelry can elevate any outfit to look like a million dollar outfit real quick while giving your face the radiance it deserves. It can also make your face look skinny, narrow or broad depending on the type worn. Long earrings for instance, gives your face a skinny look, while short chunky earrings like oversized studs, give the face a broad look. In the case of necklaces and bracelets, they draw attention to the clothes we wear, and add radiance to the face and wrist.






…to be continued…


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