Essential Oils :Part 1

Essential Oils :Part 1

Nature has blessed us with everything we need to make our lives smooth and easy. Some of these include plants with compounds, potential enough to be used as treatments, cure for ailments, or even enhancement proposes: generous right? I know!

What then are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants, often used in aromatherapy. The oils adopt the scent and flavor or “essence” of the plants they came from ,and the aromatic components give each essential oil it’s unique characteristics.

Fun fact: Essential oils many times than usual, hold a much stronger smell and contain greater level of active ingredients than the plants they came


The Extraction

Essential oils are either extracted by cold pressing, or water distillation(steam).

  • Cold pressing is when plant matter is mechanically squeezed to release oils or juices. A simple example is squeezing a lemon peel to smell its fresh scent.
  • Water distillation or steam on the other hand is the process of passing plants through hot water to release the essential compounds from the plant matter.

Not as “complex” as I thought it would be actually.


Part 2 Coming right up

***What to expect****

-Types of Essential Oils

-Safety and side effects

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