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Emefa Adeti: A Decade of Chasing Passion and Embracing Life’s Experiences

Emefa Adeti: A Decade of Chasing Passion and Embracing Life’s Experiences

Turning on your TV at 7am each weekday to Mx24, you are greeted with an infectious smile and encouraging words of morning show host Emefa Akosua Adeti. A ten-year journey in media, arts and a bevy of experiences, Emefa now symbolizes what an extraordinary girl in an ordinary world is.

Emefa’s career does not have much by way of low points. The Media Personality has been on a steady trajectory since winning the coveted crown of beauty pageant show ‘Ghana’s Most Beautiful’ in 2012. After a decade in the spotlight, Emefa Adeti has routinely defied expectations and transformed the way one should think about having several goals penciled done and working to achieve them. Even with so much going on for her at the moment, she feels like she’s just scratched the surface.

TV hosting is just one of the many things she brings to the table, counting beauty pageant winner (2012), Media Personality, Marketing Consultant and a student pursuing a career in Law. Part of the drive as she enters these different realms is the quest to grow and to shed off old experiences to welcome new ones; a drive she has had since her childhood where she remembers having numerous dreams and wanting to achieve them all. The idea of versatility inspires her to follow both her passions and curiosity.

The journey to becoming the best of herself has come with constantly reminding herself that she was built strong and allowing the many negative life experiences to bounce off her.

“Focus on the bigger picture, if something doesn’t fit into the dream, be willing to let go. Be open to life’s stops. No matter what they are, these experiences, shape you”

There is an art to being Emefa Akosua Adeti, which is to say that being a constant on the go woman requires setting a standard for yourself. For her it is “apply excellence to everything she does.”

“It’s important to do life so well, whatever my hands find to do, I do it to the best of my ability because tomorrow I will be remembered by them.”

The desire to be the best is the guiding principle that has pushed her to return to school to pursue yet another career, this time in law. Education according to her is one of the best gifts to give yourself.

“The glitz and glamour of stardom eventually passes but knowledge is something that can never be taken from you.”

Emefa Adeti can be seen on TV every weekday at 7am on the AmClub on MX24.

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