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Dating Turnoffs? The British say no to Android Users!

Dating Turnoffs? The British say no to Android Users!

Did you know the dating world could disqualify you based on the phone you use? Shocking but true !

At least in the United Kingdom (UK).

And no, this is not one of those Apple vs Android debates . This is a real study that once again puts the odds against Android users.

Dating app , POM , conducted a study into the biggest ‘turn offs’ using a sample group of 3000 Brits and the results revealed that people DO care what phone a prospective partner uses!

So much so that you can be disqualified just by being an android phone user.

‘’Other top ‘icks’ include not having social media, smoking, commenting on celebrity social media posts, using pet names, wearing muscle fit shirts and people talking about themselves in the third person.

The study also found that 74% of men regard ‘dirty or unpainted nails’ at the top of their turn-off list, while 78% of women think refusing to learn how to drive is one of the more unattractive qualities.’’

In 2019, a similar study also revealed that  millennials feel a stronger emotional attachment to Apple products than any other brand.

Anyway, here are the top ten turn-offs:

  • Owning an Android phone
  • Refusing to learn to drive
  • Commenting on famous people’s social media posts
  • Speaking in slang
  • When they are the only one to laugh at their own jokes
  • Wearing gym clothes to a date
  • Dirty or unpainted nails
  • Getting food stuck in their teeth
  • Singing the wrong lyrics to songs
  • Wearing a face mask under their nose


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