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Burna Boy Tangled Up In Another Shooting Incident

Burna Boy Tangled Up In Another Shooting Incident

Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, has had a history of making headlines almost every time, due to his great musical talent. However, he has also been the news a number of time for the wrong reasons, one of which happened over the weekend.

Burna Boy over the weekend has been a topic of trend as a result of an incident which occurred in a nightclub in Victoria Island.

According to reports cited by People’s Gazette, Burna Boy made advances towards a woman who was said to be in the club with her newly wedded husband by name Lawrence Irebami. This did not sit well with the husband who stepped in to put Burna in check, which lead led to misunderstanding and chaos.

It was said that Burna Boy stood by and cheered as his guards and men assaulted Mr. Irebami. Subsequently, shots got fired with one hitting Mr Irebami and another, his friend. Burna immediately fled the scene.

The incident got reported three days after its happening.

It is alleged that Burna was “heavily under the influence”, and “acted violently” and “irresponsibly at the club”.

Two of the policemen (Burna Boy’s guards) involved in the incident turned themselves in, and the three others are no where to be found. Burna has since fled the country and refused to bein touch with the police concerning what happened in the club.

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