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Arise Ghana Demonstration Comes To An End

Arise Ghana Demonstration Comes To An End

Participants of the Arise Ghana Demonstration have petitioned parliament and the Ministry of Finance demanding immediate solutions to several economic challenges, including the removing of certain tax components in the petroleum price build up.

Receiving the petition and Speaking on behalf of the Finance Minister, a Deputy sector minister, Abena Osei Asare assured that government has already began processes to address their concerns.

Meanwhile, a security analyst, Adib Saani says he expects the Ghana Police Service to conduct a thorough probe into the violence that characterised day one of the ‘Krom ay3 shi’ demo.

Police clashed with some protesters and tear gas and stones were seen flying in all directions. In an interview with MX24 News, Mr. Saani noted that a probe is critical to ascertaining which side triggered the chaos.

Leadership of the NDC are currently visiting some of the persons who were injured in the process.

Mr. Saani also commented of the police securing an injunction against the 1st year commemoration of the Ejura Shooting. In his view, the police is acting out of guilt for failing to give the affected families justice.

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