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An Eye For An Eye? (Godfather vrs Godmother)

An Eye For An Eye? (Godfather vrs Godmother)

I know I have conscience and so let none of your followers come and play ani holy than thou attitude.i am just confused and the  reason I am in two thoughts.

Growing  up via Sunday schools, I got to know vengeance is for God but I also know sometimes God empower us to take charge of our destiny.

I have come to a situation where I feel I will need sane minds to help me out.

I was in university some 5 years ago from a humble home. I was an arts student and was dating a lady who I must say was my first serious girlfriend. We were making gains and had planned to marry after She finished school( she was 2 years behind me) . Something happened that really hurt me and made me lose interest in women and relationships .

In my final year, my girlfriend went to usher with one of these event organizers and met a married man. After the event, the man came to drop her on campus and I was actually in the known as she told me. I realized they were in conversations and she mentioned he had become her god father. He will occasionally come by and even buy us meals. I was not feeling right but my girl assured me he was a good man. Fast forward to my last month when I chanced on my girl friend kissing this man in a car around the school library.  i was devastated, that night, I confronted my girl in her hostel and she mentioned it was not true that it was only a hug. I know what I saw, I pressed further and wanted to know. I took my girls phone from her forcibly and checked on their messages. I was gone, my head was spinning, my girl was heavily intimate with this married man to a point of discussing a trip to Akosombo  when we vacate for a week before she goes home. I was amazed. I trusted this girl who had even introduced me to her mum. My final month which was the Exam and long essay defense period was a wreck. We parted ways with our relationship and I grieved for long, I passed with a class I was not proud of. I knew my potential and what I could graduate with.

I was posted to a bank for my NSP and after service was taking on contract. unfortunately . My bank was affected with the banking sectors reforms and I was not retained. I have been doing home tuition over the last two years to keep up and applied  to a couple of institutions to get back in the corporate space. Recently, I placed my poster for parents who needed home tuition for their kids. I got a call from a mother and went to meet her , she was very pleasant and basically offered me the job. I have started but under bizarre circumstances … apparently her husband( who I got to meet when he returned from an out of Ghana trip)  was this man who messed my to be marriage Up. Initially when I realized this, I wanted to stop and communicated some flimsy excuses to my madam. I also realized the man could not make me out as there were few encounters and from what I got to know I was never of interest to him. Well, She was not ready to accept and rather gave me a pay rise to motivate me to stay.

Now the kids mom has started showing strong affection towards me, she buys me things and has started getting me into her domestic issues ( complains about the husbands attitude). Last week, she started discussing she helping me to further my education. I was happy but deep down I know where this is heading. I am matured and can sense when the lines are becoming blur. she has become so comfortable that last time she was going to drop me, we passed by a lingerie shop and she got items and jokingly came to show me her new set of undies.

I always thought I had forgotten about the Uni issues until now, I feel a sense of continuing with this amorous route and pay this man back, but my upbringing tells me I need to flee… only that the money and freebies are really helpful and I really need to do my masters to be competitive in my field. I think I might be able to still stay and not cross the line. But I can’t be too sure .

Do I let this golden opportunity pass Becuase of a man who derailed  my relationship ? Or I should man up and enjoy the nice things coming my way? I’m i being a coward or maybe I am even thinking wrongly for my madams intentions? Is this my own “Godmother”?

Help me please.

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